Monday, 30 April 2012

~Dear Skip Beat~

Form the contents of the new chapter, CH188, I feel like you read my pleas in my post, " Skip to the romance or Beat it! ~Skip Beat!~"

 I mean, WOW!

Kyoko slowly trying to solve Ren's mystery. 

Kajima getting into the love triangle.

Ren getting upset because Kyoko gave her number AND texted Kajima!

Yashiro's hilarious mental monologue! Reminder of the LOVE ME section!

Sho showing up!!  Clearly getting a text from *black-haired girl* that Kyoko is in school and decides to go in!

The romance! The comedy! THE PROGRESS!!

I am too excited for Kyoko's and Sho's meeting. Always a fun read! Also, if Ren would show up, I'd just be the happiest!

Banzai! Skip Beat!

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