Tuesday, 10 April 2012

FATALITY! ~Noblesse~

In the early mornings of last night, whilst reading the great Noblesse new releases, my mind went all Mortal Kombat .


Now if you're anything like me the previous chapter served to make you HATE the Cerberus Captain, Taze, with some serious disgust. So I wanted nothing more than for someone to put her in her place. We then had the amazing end with the arrival of Seira, Rai, and Frankenstein

Knowing that Taze thinks her scythe is a Death Scythe, because it never failed to kill, was enough to tell us that it just had to be Seira who sets her right. 

....she says to FRANKENSTEIN and RAI!

LMAO! Get a clue!

Frankenstein asks his Master to restrain himself and not to use his powers. So Seira steps in, and says she will take her on, to which Taze responds "Are you crazy bitch? You think you can fight me?"


She sends an attack from her scythe, which Seira effortlessly blocks, and with a barehanded hit pushes back Taze, who along with the other Cerberus members, is shocked. 

Pissed, Taze attacks again, and Seira dodges. Taze then tells Seira that her Death Scythe will take her life in the end. Upon hearing Taze call her weapon the Death Scythe, Seira calls upon hers, the original/real Death Scythe.


Taze, the Elder, and the entire freaking Cerberus start to take the piss of Seira's scythe. 

After that, it was a one hit finish for Seira.

Which, of course, pisses off the Elder, who according to Rai has a faint aura of Roctis: one of the traitor clan leaders. 


He says he'll kill them all himself, and orders Rodin to stop them from escaping. 

Who's escaping??

Frankenstein steps forward, asking Rai to leave the rest to him. So he responds with what we always wanted him to,

"I Release The Seal That Binds Your Power."

Yes, plz!

Frankenstein, of course is too excited and makes quick work/ no work of Rodin. Stepping over Rodin, he asks the Elder "Why are you letting your injured underling do the fighting for you?"

With Rai, sighing in the background ~probably thinking he released a monster~ , the chapter ends with some name calling.


I'm so glad Taze got a whooping, she was seriously getting on my nerves. We still have Rai, Frankenstein, and Seira on our side so the Elder better BRING it, or get reinforcement. 

Where is Yuri? Doubt he'll show up. 

Let me know what you thought!


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