Monday, 23 April 2012

So, so WILD!

I introduced Girls of the Wild's back in February (Check that post out for synopsis and more!), and I really hope people took it a bit seriously cus this shit is awesome!

Chapter 36

Our Jae Gu is training for the preliminaries, a week away, and he is showing great improvement, however he is lacking the will to fight, i.e. the mind set to proper hit someone.

The Queen steps in with advice to put his weight behind his punches, as he is now he would not be able to knock out anyone.

After the training, Jae Gu is amazed at the energy needed for sport as he wrings his shirt off sweat, and we, as well as some innocent bystanders, get a nice look at how training has treated our "weak" protagonist.

This is the first time I thought of him as a bishie... ^^

On his way home, Jae Gu contemplates whether or not he will be able to fight in a weeks time, having never fought anyone in his life, and not really liking it. "Am I ...really a moron who can't do anything." 

He meets his opponent for the preliminaries, bastard redhead, Han Gyul. Jae Gu mentions meeting him at the match and gets a bitch slap for it. Han Gyul blames Jae Gu for all the training that has been forced on him, and bring up how he food poisoned Jae Gu's siblings.

At this point, I'm worried Jae Gu snaps, seeing as fights outside are forbidden, at the same time I SOO WANT HIM TO.

He doesn't. At least not physically and not now. But the slap serves to finally birth the will to kill/fight.


I'm so happy! Its not so much that I wanted him to fight but to simply stand up for himself. It is time to kick some redhead ass! 

Please check out Girls of the Wild's on Webtoonlive. You will not regret it!

Happy reading and let me know what you think!!


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