Saturday, 7 April 2012

Skip to the romance or Beat it! ~Skip Beat!~

CH187 Dark Breath

I am so GLAD!

So insanely GLAD, that for this chapter, AT LEAST for this one chapter, we got to see Kyoko and Ren as Kyoko and Ren!!

Glad to have some comedic element back too.

It was like an amazing breather. I love Skip Beat! but the plot needs to get rolling BACK to what it originally was.

Luckily it seems like we're getting there as Kyoko had some sort of inspiration as to what Ren's problem might be at the end of this chapter. But what she thinks and how long it will take her to spit it out, is beyond me.

Whether or not it will lead to the romance, that once upon a time was heavily hinted upon before vanishing into a black-hole of the plot's making, is unlikely. But I am hopeful. With Skip Beat! I get excited with even a hint: a look, a blush, a thought. ANYTHING!!
I don't like shoujo's to centre around romance only but to leave it out entirely is frustrating! ><'

Skip Beat! used to be my favourite shoujo, now days its easy to forget it exists. :(

Hoping for great revelations in the next chapter!

How do you feel about SB? Let me know!


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