Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bakuman Manga Ends

 Why does it feel like Bakuman is racing towards telling me "The End! Thank you for all your support until now!"

I tweeted this after reading Ch.175 last week.

It has now been confirmed that Bakuman ends with the next double/couple of issue(s). 

After all, dreams have been fulfilled. Nothing was rushed. And the story was beautiful.

Genuinely don't think I've loved Manga characters the way I love Mashiro and Takagi. I don't know how to explain it, but rather than characters in manga doing things, they thought and felt, and it made it feel like I really knew them.

Just seeing them grow up through the ups and downs was always motivational.

I cried with them.

Laughed with and at them.

Cheered for them.

Celebrated with them.

Got angry with and for them.

And it was more than just them; it was the same with Azuki and Miyoshi, and the other mangakas: Nizuma, Fukuda, Aoki, Hiramaru, Takahama, and Iwase. It was lovely to revisit them all in Ch175. One of the many reasons it felt like we were reaching the end.

With BLEACH, Bakuman was my most blogged topic and favourite manga. I am so sad to see it end but hopefully it will get a superb end.

All Great Things Must Come To a Great End.

Ashirogi Muto till the end, Banzai!!

Your favourite Bakuman moment??


In fact it looks like it ended with Ch.176, perfectly titled "Dreams and Reality" which was also the title of the very first chapter.

I had in mind that I would like to see them get married, but having now read the last chapter, it was really the best ending. I definitely obtained the closure I sought. 

It focused on Azuki and Mashiro and the great proposal, seeing as we bid our other characters goodbye in the previous chapter. 

This 10 year journey started with an overexcited Takagi.

And pushed through with an innocent promise.

Although it took them 10 years and many obstacles got in the way, they never quit, and pushed through to a very happy ending.

Thank you Ohba-sensei and Obata-sensei for a lovely end to an amazing story. 

Goodbye Bakuman.


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