Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hostage Situation?! ~Noblesse~

Noblesse Day~~! 

Chapter 233 

Following last chapter’s monster transformation and revelations of Roctis, the battle continues.

The Elder is under the impression that regardless of Frankenstein’s hidden powers, now that he has transformed and has his own powers as well as what the previous clan leader turned traitor, Roctis, has given him, he is unbeatable.

Upon the Elder asking how Frankenstein know of Roctis, Frankenstein responds: “He is just someone I must kill.” 

They battle. 

The Elder monster uses his flight ability to his advantage and attacks from a distance. Frankenstein is taken by surprise and suffers a strong hit; but returns the favour. 

They battle. 

Frankenstein gets the upper hand, and taunts whether that was all Roctis gave the Elder. 

I believe at this point, the final blow would have been dealt as Frankenstein stands above the Elder, but is stopped/distracted by Rai calling out to him. 

The Elder takes advantage of Frankenstein’s moment of distraction to take in a hostage.

Who you ask??





The chapter ends with the Elder/Monster thinking he now has the upper hand.

I was SO ready to see Rai say “KNEEL”, its unbelievable. If there isn’t a ‘kneel’ in the next chapter, I’ll be way disappointed as I don’t want to see Rai actually fight.

Let me know what you think! How hard did you laugh? How will Frankenstein take this clear challenge? How will Rai?


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