Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Oh Rai! ~Noblesse~


I found this chapter a bit sad, especially with the flashback at the start...

We finally got to put a face on the Roctis; Roctis Kravei Leader of the Kravei Clan:

We learnt he called Rai 'Raizel-nim' and seemed to have a lot of respect for him and was quite protective, telling the then 'new' Frankenstein, "If you do anything that brings harm to him, I will not forgive you." 

The truth? An act?? Was he truly close to Rai??

Back in the present the chapter consisted of the Elder running his mouth about taking Rai's life, coming back to kill them all, destroying the KSA, and declaring war on the nation.
We also got some comedy, with Tao and Takeo finally regaining conscious, 

"...and is he really shaking his finger and yelling at the Boss?"

HA! Ya hes was, too bad Frankenstein didn't do anything...

In fact it was Rai, who was so quiet before, who settled the matter. "Why do you believe your life is more valuable than theirs? Who gave you the right to take another's life?"

As Rai's power becomes evident, the Elder begins to panic and fires an attack at Rai from close range, believing he got him. 

Obviously not. Rai uses Blood Field to finish him off, "Bonded of Roctis Kravei. You have forfeited your right to existence." ~Kyaaaa!~


I wanted a KNEEL...not power usage. I didn't want him to use his powers any more. Shame on you, Frankenstein! Protect your Master better!

Its the look on Rai's face and the massive gap between him and the others that made me a bit sad. I really hope, though doubt, that this does not effect Rai's health.

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