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Ishida's Betrayal? Quincy Bankai? ~BLEACH Update Ch486-488~

I had someone come across my blog by Googling: "bleach will ishida betray for empire king". 
Have people already jumped on that boat? Just because he is Quincy? It was Ishida and his grandfather who did not believe the Quincy way of doing things was right from the start and wished for peace between the Shinigami and Quincy. And these Quincies are the epitome of deranged! You really think Ishida will battle against Ichigo and friends?!

Having said that, if there wasn't any concern over where he should stand or where his Quincy Pride will take him, this would be a WASTE of a plot line. So by all means expect a little anxiety concerning the Ishida(s). Father and son.

Personally I see Ishida pulling a 'Ichimaru Gin/Severus Snape' on us. A spy so deep you don't know whose side he's on until know what.

Yeah....I predict Ishida's death.

THAT aside, we should we go in order. I'm doing it a bit fast though, since not a lot happened.

CH.486 The Crimson Cremation

Following Nel Tu's appearance, Pesche too falls from the sky. Like always these lot provide some massive comic relief.
Unfortunately, the third(+4th)  in their trio, Dondochakka(+Bawabawa) is missing as he's been kidnapped, de ariusu.

NO THOUGHT occurs as they decide to infiltrate Hueco Mundo and save Dondochakka. Thoughts like 'who is our enemy, exactly?' 

Ishida, however, bails out. Although he doesn't voice why, Ichigo states that its obvious because of the QuincyxHollow relationship.

~He looks so troubled.~

POOF! Urahara appears and whisks them away to HM, like it was no big deal. It really made me wonder how fast this final arc was going to be. ~Hopefully longer then the Fullbring arc.~

However, the main shocks in this chapter was Byakuya's talk with Renji about the deceased Vice-Captain Sasakibe, at the funeral.

His true strength was only just spelt out to us, so I feel his loss much greater now, "...he was able to master his Bankai before Kyouraku and Ukitake"

"Such a man, used his Bankai in a fight for the first time, and died." 

Too shocking.

Back with the Empire King, some random follower states the Ivan used his medallion in battle but was unable to capture Ichigo's Bankai.

Which brings us to: they all have medallions that can be used once to suck in a Shinigami's Bankai. Thieves. 

Just like Ichigo was coerced to reveal his Bankai in his fight with Ivan, and Ivan tried to absorb it, Sasakibe's Bankai was probably absorbed. That's why these Vandenreich can Bankai although only Quincy

CH.487 Breathe But Blind

In Hueco Mundo. Coloured first pages.

Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, Urahara, Pesche, and Nel infiltrate.

I find it very shocking that Urahara is with them. Makes me feel like there will be many stronger than him, which is hard for me to accept and take in. The way this is going, I can't see how SS could win. 

Hollows and Arrancars are dead. Others are led away by a group of Vandenreich.

Ichigo and co, charge to save those being led away. We also get some comedy and cuteness form Pesche and Nel.

We meet the 'Hunting Captain Supervisor' Kirge Opie, who is also a sicko. A downright sicko, who likes to see Arrancar kill each other, or kills them himself.

A couple of cloaked figures, who should be the Arrancar+Hollows being led away, are whispering, staging a plan.


Kirge makes to attack the two whispering figures but they dodge, and attack with Zanpaktous.

Who? Who?

Its Loly and Menolly! Who still introduce themselves as Aizen's aide.

They're made very short work of. 

I can't lie, I was somewhat disappointed. More and more, these people just seem insanely strong. 

He does not kill them however, and orders their capture. As two of his underlings go to capture them, they are DECAPITATED by a flying ring. As it files to Kirge, he catches it with his bare hand. 


I am seriously enjoying the fact that those who were once our enemies are now allies. To begin with, as enemies I liked them too much. During Ichigo's battles with Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, my loyalty was on some serious doubt. 

CH.488 Bond Behind Blast

Nel explains to Ichigo who the Tres Bestia are, and says that they are so powerful that now that they are here, the Hunting group will be wiped out in minutes.

Which I understand considering they caused us a LOT of trouble in the Arrancar arc, so much so that the Commander himself had to step in. 

Also, Nels got Ichigo's back. 

The three beasts do in fact last quite a bit, and manage to kill a few underlings; so much so that one runs to the Captain and says that they should retreat for now. 

He was killed for that idiocy.

The Captain, Kirge, then invites the beasts to join the army, and work for the Empire King.

They decline. 

A massive explosion later, Ichigo arrives to the scene of the Beasts defeated. 

So now we have Ichigo's next opponent. How will he fare? 

OVER at SS, the Captains are having a meeting and catching up on what we already know.

He's a genius!

While Mayuri, goes on to explain that they, according to Sasakibe, can block Bankai/render it useless.

...I was under the impression he said they CAN Bankai. But yet again we figured and know this already. 

So the Commander tells him to shut up and tell him just one thing.

But Mayuri doesn't know yet. I also think he pissed himself a bit.

Ichigo and Co do. They're already there.

The Commander orders all Captains to prepare for battle immediately. The will not be the ones caught by surprise nor wait to be attacked in 5 days. "We will not let them have the first move again!"


The Commander is way pissed. As he should be. According to Byakuya, "Fledglings like us cannot possibly understand the pain the Commander is experiencing now."

I don't know how SS will fare, but at least we know some things for sure now.

We know they are Quincy. We know that Bankai's are useless against them. A storyline Tite uses so as not to show us all the Captain Bankai's before the end of the series.

We know Ishida has a big decision ahead of him. We know they are collecting Arrancars as pawns. And we know they are FREAKY strong.

Personally, I am awaiting Grimmjows appearance. Urahara's battle. And unleashing Aizen from prison so that he joins them against the Vandenreich.

Although that last one is a bit of a stretch, it would still be f-ing awesome! ^^

Let me know what you think!


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