Tuesday, 17 April 2012

TRAITOR! ~Noblesse CH232~

No long thing, because most of it is battle...

SLOWLY, but surely, we are getting more plot from NOBLESSE, and explanations.

What we learnt about the 12th Elder:

  • He REALLY doesn't want the other Elders to know of his movements.
  • He's being used as Dr.Crombell's, also an Elder, pawn. Thanks to Yuri.
  • He's incredibly strong, from what we've seen he can fight on par with Frankenstein. 

  • His true form is a monster/bat thing. 
  • Frankenstein deduces that after the Elder modified his body, he entered a contract with Roctis, one of the traitor clan leader who also used Rai as a scapegoat.
  • This means that Roctis is hiding among the Union.

What we already knew about Frankenstein:
  • He's sick. 
  • Yonsu think he's the Devil.
  • He really is sick.
  • His loyalty to Rai is intense. He seriously wants revenge on the traitor clans. 


Let me know what you think?! Could the rest of the Traitor Clan leaders be hiding among the Union too? So in the end this is a battle between the Current leaders with the Lord and the previous traitors with the union?


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