Saturday, 28 April 2012

More is Revealed! Powerful Ishida?? ~BLEACH Update Ch490~

A week off due to public holiday, Golden Week, and Bleach returns with more revelations!


Quick with the juicy details, it started with the announcement to the Stern Ritters of SS invasion, "Prepare immediately and gather at the Gate of the Sun, the Vandenreich is going to invade Soul Society"

I was hoping for some Stern Ritter info, but all we got is an image of their backs. How many??

Juicy detail ONE/REVELATION: "One of the FIVE 'Special War Potentials, Kurosaki Ichigo is..."

Care to play a guessing game??
Ichigo, Ishida, their dads, Commander Yamamoto...I feel like adding Inoue and/or Urahara and/or Mayuri...  agh! ><'
Okay moving on:

Ichigo is currently battling Kirge, and it seems to be going well. He manages to dodge, repel, and bare-handedly throw back the Heilig Pfeil / Quincy arrows, while Kirge is slightly taken back.

I'm enjoying seeing Ichigo so confident in battle. Doubt its going to be all roses for long though...

Ichigo goes on to say that Kirge's shots are more powerful than the one Ishida uses, although he hasn't been on the receiving end of those in a while.

Juicy Detail TWO/ REVELATION: "Are you talking about Ishida Uryuu? Ishida Uryuu's Heilig Pfeil is weaker than mine? Strange. It shouldn't be."

Yes Please!
I will stick by Ishida being one of my five special war exciting! I am waiting for Ishida to take his rightful place in this arc...traitor/spy/friend?? And what about your dad??

Ichigo asks what he means and Kirge realizes he said too much, and he must report to his Majesty. Ichigo also asks about this 'Majesty'. Kirge states since he has been given orders to kill Ichigo, it is no longer necessary for Ichigo to try and gain information.

"Now watch. I am sure you must have at least heard of this power: the Quincy LETZT STIL."

SHOCK! We have heard of Letzt Stil! Way back in SS when Ishida battled Captain Mayuri, he used this 'last resort' which absorbed surrounding reishi at an alarming & powerful rate, and increased his power attack, cutting Mayuri's Bankai in half and still managing to cut through the Captain himself and damaging the area. This INSANE power also causes the loss of spiritual power as the body tries to preserve itself.
DIFFERENCE: Its true name is apparently Quincy Vollständig (Quincy Complete Holy Form) and it has a form. Ishida never transformed.
DIFFERENCE #2: In SS everything is made up of reishi, buildings and all. I can't help but think collecting reishi in HM is going to be a bit different. I get the feeling they've been sucking at hollows and Arrancars they collect. Vampire Quincies...

....elsewhere Urahara and Pesche (this is bound to be a comedic duo) have rescued Dondochakka and are escaping... and in Soul Society, time has run out.


Lets the invasion and battles begin!!

So far this war feels like its going to be very one-sided. How will our beloved lieutenants and captains fare??

Let me know what you think/ theories / guesses of the FIVE?


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