Sunday, 8 April 2012

BLEACH Anime Ends! ~Shock, Horror~

Although its been awhile I thought I should put my 2cents in.

Let me break it down.

When I first heard the anime was going to end, as a  reader of the manga I was like NAHHH! No way!

After all the story has ONE more arc before THE END, to stop now after so many years is ridiculous.

However it is true that the anime was too close to the manga, so if we go by what BLEACH ordinarily did at this point, they were meant to introduce a filler/anime original, such seasons 4, 5, 9, 13, & 15, PLUS a whole lot of random episodes.

THANK GOD they didn't! Personally  I ABHOR those arcs. They play no part in the main plot and are just ridiculous. They're not even interesting. First they fight the Bount, then a random captain/clan, then their own Zanpaktous, then themselves?!! I mean SERIOUSLY.

But WHY didn't they?

It would have been AWFUL, if after the entire war with Aizen and Ichigo losing his powers, we didn't get to see the aftermath. Soul Society might recover but what about ICHIGO? Our main guy! Does he just live a normal life all of a sudden?

And so we got the FULLBRING arc. Although not many people's favourite, it did manage to give us a better sense of THE END, then the Arrancar Downfall did, ie. after the battle with Aizen and Ichigo losing his powers, ignoring all the filler that followed.

It took us a year and half later, Ichigo is grown, gets his powers back, and Soul Society shows the gratitude and appreciation they should have.Ichigo shows he is no longer a child controlled by his emotions, but able to make thought-out-of decisions. There were Goodbyes, and an understanding that Ichigo was this new, mature, grown person, and a feeling of gratitude towards all that has past, in our years with BLEACH.

It was a good end.

A filler/original arc would simply not fit in at this point.

Can you imagine the amazing DETOUR they would have to take to fit one in here?!

Ending the anime was the only and a BEST option to maintain the integrity of BLEACH. Anything else would degrade the story and anime.

Obviously it had to end.

NOW, if you think the final arc would not be covered in anime, please take a moment to slap yourself in the face, cus you're a FOOL.

Bleach is bound to return in a year or so. So chill, wait, and read the manga.

THE END. ~for now~

Let me know what you think!


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