Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bad@$$ BLEACH! ~2 Chapters Update, 482 & 483~

 Ok, lets do this! I gave BLEACH a few weeks so as to get the plot ball rolling and boy is it ROLLING.

Ch. 482 : Bad Recognition
Personally, I thought it was a damn Good Recognition.

Strange dude who introduced himself as Ivan Azgiaro in the previous chapter got kicked off Ichigo's bed and out of the ~quickly opened by Inoue~  window.

He and Ichigo engage in battle and Ivan was kind enough to tell us NO he is NOT an Arrancar, ~been there done that~, but flashes something too familiar to ignore.

And this point I'm sure EVERYONE was like OMG A QUINCY!!

Ishida: I am the LAST Quincy. Many chapters later, meet my dad, also a Quincy. Now this?! Ishida LIED. >< 

We should be practically positive that he is in fact a Quincy, and there are more, as Captain Mayuri introduced them to us at the start of the arc as "The only ones capable of removing Hollows from existence itself are THEM, and them alone" ~which no I didn't get back then either~.
We do know that Quincies destroyed Hollows soul and all, unlike the Shinigami who purify the souls of hollows allowing them to rest in peace, which created the unbalance between worlds causing the war between Shinigami and Quincy, and the extermination of Quincies. We also know, according to Ishida, that they DETEST shinigami.

NOW the question is whether they can eradicate Shinigmi as they do Hollows, ie. soul and all, as the chapter continues and takes us to Soul Society where the 11th squad are investigating vanishing souls in Rukongai's 64th District. The footprints give evidence that it was not the work of Hollow, but people of the village.  ~I did not understand the pairs of a barefoot and a sandal. I get it shows they weren't Hollow, but why of the same village?~

Back in the Gotei Thirteen, the Commander's office was EASILY infiltrated ~so easy I was like WTF?!! ~ by a group of cloaked people who inform the commander that they are there "To declare war on you."

Ch. 483: KriegsErklarung 

Which is *Declaration of War* in German apparently. 

Cloak figures then asked what we were all thinking, WHY is security so soft for the office of the Gotei 13 Commander?!  To which we got a seriously badass response: 
Yes. Please and Thank you.
To which they responded that "Those will be your last arrogant words, Genryuusai Yamamoto."

Pffttt, you're the arrogant one.

We go back to Ichigo's battle with Ivan and Ichigo shows us that he's all grown up now and realizes when Ivan is taunting and simply provoking him. However, when Ivan taunts Ichigo to bring out his Bankai, Ichigo decides 'to play his game', and does in fact go BANKAI. 

WHY I ask you?  WHY?!

This excites Ivan extremely, and plans to destroy Ichigo's Bankai once and for all, with something or the other and an odd incantation of Melting and throwing a cup to the ground after joy. ~Seriously made me lol~
Shame for him, Ichigo is stronger than that. 

Then a Getsuga Tenshou. 

Then we go back to the Gotei 13, where the silent vice-captain of the 1st squad, Sasakibe, is executed via large arrow. ~Qunicy much?~

We are then informed by the cloaked group, "In 5 days Soul Society will be annihalted by the Vandenreich."
Who? Not the Quincy???

So are we looking into another war between Quincy and Shinigami? ARE THEY QUINCIES or is Tite just pulling our leg? 


Side note: I am LOVING what a BAMF Ichigo is!

Also loving Ayasegawa Yumichika's new look and hair-do!! By far the prettiest character!


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