Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Noblesse ~Chapter 226~

Previous chapters: Tao, Takeo, and M21 are not doing too well in their battles against two of Cerberus members and it turned for the serious worse as the two other members of Cerberus decide to join and clear things up before the arrival of their Elder. At the end of chapter 225, Rai also makes the decision to "Protect the life *he has* built here" and join the battle, much to Frankenstein's dismay as he is afraid of his master's condition to battle.

Chapter 226 

Yonsu is hurriedly driving to get to the site of battle when she is stopped by a loud crash of Sangeen falling on top of her car injured. She is shocked by his appearance and asks about the battle the Union Agents are involved in, and informs him the other two have gone to join. Sangeen doesn't think that the three would be able to battle all four members of Cerberus, and tells Yonsu to hurry and drive them there. 

The chapter then concentrates at Tao battle with one of the agents. He uses wires and an electric surge to fight, and just when he thought the battle was over, the agent slices through Tao's wires revealing his true form. He suggests that that Tao and the rest are Dr. Crombell's creations and attacks Tao once more, this time immensely overpowering him.
M21's battle is no better as he is getting a major beating, and at his best manages to scratch the agents true form arm. We are then shown Takeo who is worrying as he tries, in vain, to gain contact with M21, and realizes that both Tao and M21 are in need of help. He then hears a voice on his receiver telling him to "Go Assist Tao."

Back at M21's battle, the situation is dire, as the Cerberus he is fighting decides to end the battle and is about to attack when he himself is attacked. M21 is joined by the final member of the RK-4, Regis, wearing a mask like everyone else. 

"Sorry I am late."                                                                                              "Apology accepted."


Ya, I am sure EVERYONE thought for a mini-second maybe Frankenstein and Rai made it there extra quick, but this is no less exciting. First Regis, then the other 2 from Cerberus, then Seira, then if it is even necessary at that point, Frankenstein and Rai. Also the one leading Cerberus, who Frankenstein believes is strong, Yuri is likely to make an appearance at that point. I'm strapping in for a long eventful battle. 



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