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Shocks and Revelations ~BLEACH! Ch. 484-485~

Ch.484 The Buckbeard

Starting from "In 5 days Soul Society will be annihilated by the Vandenreich"

The 'Vandenreich' refuse to tell us who they are, but only fuel our suspicions by adding that "It's easy to guess who we really are...". 

So we'll stick with badass Quincy for now. The hybrid kind. ~will explain in a bit~


So a little bit more advanced than the Quincy. Well its been a couple a centuries since their 'destruction'.

Back at Ichigo's fight ~I don't want to call it a battle~ Ivan is pissed that Ichigo's Bankai does not vanish.

SO...they can Bankai AND make other's vanish...??

Ivan then retreats into a shadow that 'only hides the chosen ones', which according to Ichigo was not the Garganta used by the Arrancars.

Well he said he wasn't an Arrancar. In fact the thought of it pissed him off.

Their Lair
Surrounding familiar much? It should be. I don't think any more dimensions should be introduced. 

We are then shown the man behind the mask who spoke to the commander, he then get into a little verbal argument with Ivan and SHOCK lost his arm for it. Not via Ivan but by 'The Empire's King'. 

We've seen a lot of arms cut off in our time with BLEACH. From the top of my head there was Grimmjow, Ishida, Ulquiorra, Commander Yamamoto...but this scene more reminds me more of when Aizen brought Grimmjow to his knees with only his spiritual pressure.

It was at that moment that the power hierarchy was seriously established with Aizen. Here, we find the man who lead the declaration of war at Soul Society and gave the commander a tough time, put down much too easily.

This Empire's King has taken his position at not-to-be-messed-with top!

Ch.485 Foundation Stones

The chapter starts off continuing on with the Empire's King (the Vandenreich leader) and simply showing how sick he is. "If you're not going to sit down I guess you don't need your legs." Sick, sick bastard.

There's a detour at this point but lets continue with them. We are given the name Luders Friegen for the man who has lost his arm; he explains that they will invade in 5days, "the necessary time required for soul society and *them* to be prepared for battle." He was then asked by the King whether or not he was a prophet, as he keeps talking about the future.

Upon the answer no, he was killed.

SHOCK I thought he was important; we even got his name.

The king turns his attention to Ivan, he states he has no "reasons to praise you or blame you" but his job was over as he did "enough to slow down Ichigo Kurosaki." 

I don't think slowing Ichigo was necessary, like what was he going to do, run to SS and fight those who invaded??

The king tells Ivan that he "can become the foundation stone to build peace" and kills him.

Double SHOCK, I thought these characters would last longer. The king clearly doesn't care for his followers. 

Luders' Death

Ivan's Death

One of the cloaked figures then ask the King whether he was fine with his disposal of the two, as Arrancars make good soldiers as they don't need to be taught to fight.

They were Arrancar then...?

The King says he doesn't care as he can get as many Arrancars as he pleases, as Hueco Mundo is already his territory: "just another foundation stone to invade Soul Society."

REVELATION they are in fact in Hueco Mundo.

SHOCK we are then treated to the image of Ex-Espada 3, Halibel.

You would remember Halibel as the Espada who battled Captain Hitsugaya and Vaizards Lisa and Hiyori but is betrayed and slain by Aizen who states that he is done with her as she is not strong enough to fight for him.

REVELATIONS from BLEACH Official Fan Book 3: UNMASKED: At the end of the battle with Aizen, the fake Karakura town was lifted and replaced with what was originally Soul Society. When this happened the fallen Espada were also transferred to SS. Here Apacci (one of Halibel's fraccion) led Orihime, who returned with Rukia and the rest from Hueco Mundo, to Halibel where she healed the Tres Espada's deep wounds. Halibel and her fraccion then returned to HM.

We are therefore unaware of how many Espada survived. Halibel's was guaranteed. However, Baraggan (2nd Espada) and Yammy (10th/Zero Espada) were said to be dead, as well as Stark(no.1) and obviously, Ulquiorra (no.4).

Personally I look forward to seeing the Espada we KNOW we left alive in, Grimmjow. ^^


Over at Ichigo's end there's 2 pages of random chit chat, and a phone call comes in for the boy Ryuunosuke, where he is asked to return urgently for a funeral.


Although we did see it happen, we saw a lot worse in BLEACH before and the characters SURVIVED. Matsumoto, Hinamori, and basically all of the vice-captains during the war. So this is a FIRST in Bleach, where a prominent good guy actually dies. Although an entire war passed we didn't see it happen before. Though we're starting pretty small, as we weren't too close to Sasakibe.
We are set to expect many deaths this time round as it is the FINAL WAR. The extent of their strength could not be summarised better than the details given in the call:

"In a 182 seconds long battle 106 members of the Division died." "We don't know how they got in nor how they left...we reckon they used a transportation mean that the Shakonmaku cannot block...!"

SHOCK 106 MEMBERS IN 182 SECONDS KILLED! By like a handful of intruders.

Our next SHOCK literally fell from the sky and slammed into Ichigo. Former-Ex-Espada 3, Nel Tu.

"Its bad Ichigo. Help me Ichigo. Hueco Mundo"

And we already know what it is...its been taken over.


So what we know so far...

Really simplified:

In Bleach we have the Humans, the Shinigami, the Hollow, and the Quincy (spiritually aware Humans).

We had Shinigami with Hollow powers, the Vizard.

Hollow with Shinigami powers, the Arrancar.

Human with Shinigami powers and a Hollow within, Ichigo.

Now we have what we were led to believe to be Quincy, able to Bankai, in control of Arrancar. I believe they have a power that Aizen sought. The reason why Aizen was so interested in Ichigo and Orihime. A power that transcends these boundaries.
 I also believe that the FullBring arc, however useless it felt, must have had SOME hints as to what these Vandenreich really are.

But theories, theories. We shall wait and see.

Let me know what you think! Your thoughts/ theories! 
Much love. Happy reading! 


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