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Introducing: Cheese in the Trap!

Having returned to college after a year long break, Hong Sul, a hard-working over-achiever, inadvertently got on the wrong side of a suspiciously perfect senior named Yoo Jung, the school's most popular upperclass man. He's good looking, rich, smart, and even nice. From then on her life took a turn for the worse and Sul was almost certain it was all Yoo Jung's doing. So why is he suddenly acting so friendly a year later? ~MangaUpdates~

Genres: Josei, Comedy, College Life, Slice of Life, Romance, Mystery
Original Korean Webcomic 

No, I too don't ordinary like Manhwas but I find webcomics different. The art is amazing and is seriously not a problem. So READ ON! 


This isn't the girl-meets-boy, he is mean, its a misunderstanding, she falls in love. 

That crap's been done! 

Cheese in the Trap is complicated. Its not a light fluffy read. Its intriguing, tense, and worth the time.

I am so entirely used to the clich├ęd shoujo story as there aren't many serious projects that involve a young woman. 

Even if searching for Josei instead of Shoujo, you tend to get Manga that have an older woman with mature topics of sex and love but are not slice of life. They are not realistic and in fact they tend to act like teenagers- mulling for hours on end on the stupidest of things, like Hapi Mari ~although I do follow it~

So if like me you're a young woman who needs a little more from Josei projects, check out Cheese in the Trap ~I have no idea why its called that~.

Sul is a refreshing female protagonist: intelligent, hard worker, independent, and not looking for a man!! She's not even embarrassing! 

You go through Cheese in the Trap mainly via her point of view and most of the first season tells us her story by going back and forth between the past and present; and its done immaculately well. You won't be confused thanks to the fact that this is a webcomic and when addressing the past, its done flashback style - black background and reduced colours. 

It is however building up to it. Rather realistically. Naturally! 

ATM, although we have been through all of the 1st season's 46 chapters, she does not go doki doki over anybody. But it isn't the kind of building up where the protagonist is oblivious and the story DRAGS, like Skip Beat! ~which I also follow~. 

The story isn't meant to be the search for love. But an ordinary life story of a college student, whose ordinary life is messed with by her sunbae ~korean senpai~ who has some unknown agenda, and a story of his own. 

Everyone else on campus LOVES this sunbae and Sul is smart enough not to voice her opinions on him. In fact she doesn't know whether he's the two-faced devil or whether she herself is just a paranoid psycho. 

Many who read CitT are split between whether Yoo Jung, the sunbae, is good or bad. You don't know whether he is some serious evil mastermind or simply misunderstood and innocent.

More and more Yoo Jung gets involved in Sul's present and personal life and is nothing but nice.

Slowly the story unfolds. Especially with the introduction of an old friend of Yoo Jung, Baek In-ho, who knows the true Yoo Jung and despises him. Each chapter leaves you on edge for MORE! 

Cheese in the Trap is really one of those great finds. I absolutely adore this project and highly recommend it. 

Now, this story was originally available at Webtoonlive but at the request of the author/artist scanlation was called to stop as it is distribution of their work without permission. 
Fear not! In comes hero: Odd Squad Scanlations. They found a method for us non-readers of Korean to read directly off of Naver, where the CitT is published, via translation overlay; thereby supporting the author for their work by increasing traffic and remaining legal. 

Therefore you can find chapters 1-24 at most manga readers websites, although I recommend reading it in its original long-webcomic-format, which you can still find on Webtoonlive (although it is hidden) via this link: 

Go to the next chapters by clicking NEXT CHAPTER, the chapter links won't get you anywhere. 

From 25 onwards, visit the Odd Squad magicians at and follow instructions there. 

HAPPY READING! Let me know what you think and if you're a reader what you think of it ALL! 


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