Monday, 20 February 2012

For Better or Worse, Speak a few Words

Bakuman ch167! ~Nonsense and A few words~

Nonsense is true. 

The effect of the blog and its scandal continues with some really horrible rumours and defamation. 

I was interested in seeing how Azuki was holding up against all the horrible things on the net but we only got to see her in this chapter standing up for Ririki Kitami. Although I wanted her to reveal ~at least to us readers~ that she is bad to the bone, all we got were tears and an apology. Q: Do we believe her??

Ashirogi-sensei had the meeting with the anime staff and Mashiro requested Azuki as voice actress which was met with the expected. Although the producer was against the director decided the place will be assigned via audition. Sooo, not really written in stone. Glad Mashiro stuck to his guns ~Takagi is the worrier~.   

Seems that editor Hattori is nervous in the background, especially knowing the Mashiro-Azuki love story. The tale seems to have been heard by some editors, passed around, got to Fukuda who thought it was familiar due to Aoki Ko story, called Aoki, then called Takagi for the full briefing. His reaction?? PRICELESS

I am not too sure of how Mashiro feels about all these people knowing, but he might not be too keen on letting the world know, as Fukuda plans on telling in a radio show! 

Q: Good? Bad? How do we feel about this method? Will it make it better or worse? 

ummm, Fukuda Fight-o?!


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