Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How can I sit there and watch my wife die?

Chapter 229

After the double KO in the last chapter between Ked and M21 with assistance from Yonsu, Yonsu ponders M21's strength and who he really is.  Her thoughts are interrupted with the arrival of Rodin who was last fighting Regis. He calls Ked pitiful and orders him to, "Stand back, I will sort this out."

Sort WHO out?! Yonsu?! She'll die for sure. Assistance needed!! 

Rodin asks Yonsu what their, the KSA's, relationship with our knights are, and why is she helping them. He also asks about her powers, which are higher than those that should be under the KSA.  He says that there is much to answer although he doubts she will comply and begins to attack.
Yonsu is then stuck playing dodge, as one hit from Rodin in full power could kill her. She manages to reduce the impact of a direct hit, and as she gets desperate, assistance comes in the form of an already quite beaten Sangeen: "How can I sit there and watch my wife die?"

Major SWOON. 

Sangeen and Yonsu attempt a combined attack and whilst they hopefully wonder whether it worked, they're attacked through the rubble smoke and taken out.

Enter Regis. Rodin is surprised Regis can still move but advises him to stop his "futile struggling". Regis however has enough strength for a final attack, summons his energy, and attempts to use mind-control on Rodin so as to 'stop his movements momentarily.' 
A close call for Rodin as he barely manages to block in the last moment, wondering what caused his body to freeze for an instant.

Rodin then attempts to finish Regis off, but is interrupted by the arrival of their Captain and the Elder, who question what is going on. The Elder voices disappointment while the Captain asks how they dare "shame the name of Cerberus, by letting the likes of them injure you" and "disgrace the Elder."

Elsewhere Rai and Frankenstein get closer to the battle zone, and Rai comments, "How strange. It is faint, but I sense a familiar aura in the direction we are heading." Frankenstein wonders who the familiar aura could belong to.


Unless the familiar aura is Yuri, we are in for a shock! Yuri did not make an appearance in this chapter but the devil is more  or less ensuring we get some Cerberus to join our knights...and Yonsu and Sangeen are pretty much IN, if they live.
The battle itself does not look to good for Frankenstein, who does not wish to let his Master fight under any means. Frankenstein vs Cerberus Captain + Elder + Yuri (maybe) does not sound too advantageous.
We are also missing the young clan leader, Seira. Hope she make a badass appearance soon.

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Let me know what you think? Who will battle whom? 


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