Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bakuman Ch164! ~ANIME FOR REVERSI~

I am happy but annoyed at the same time.

To begin with Nizuma pissed me off at the end of the last chapter (163). He wasn't interested in an anime right then and there but all of a sudden when Ashirogi have a chance he does and draws out anime-original names.


Then they battle for anime slot and win. We are told that the editor in chief chose them for the future of Jump, and they should become the true flagship series.

YAY, Happiness!!
I said this before but you can't help but celebrate and feel sorrow with Ashirogi. I feel like I'm seriously following their careers and lives. Plus how could you not be happy when you see:

THEN we get the conversation between the chief editor and Nizuma. That he decided on Reversi so as to fuel Eiji, whom he thought would have made the best flagship for jump with Zombie-Gun, and Ashirogi to continue to grow and compete head-to-head in the future.


When will Ashirogi have a project better than Nizuma's? When will they just win?!!

I can only assume the next drama to ensue will be Azuki booked up or fails the audition to voice-act the character and the other up and coming lady we met does the part.

But for now...REJOICE! For Ashirogi-sensei FINALLY have an anime to their name!

How did you react to Nizuma's change of mind?


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