Monday, 16 January 2012

Bakuman's RomCom

Because Bakuman is mostly a chill anime/manga with the exciting parts not exactly being a life/death situation I tend to forget how HAPPY it makes me. :)

I love this project so much and feel like I'm totally supporting Saiko and Shuujin's progress as I get so happy when they do well. 

The most recent episodes of season 2 (14/15) were focusing mainly on the romance in Bakuman with a high dose of comedy. But take a minute to compare the following images of my first instalment of 


What to take from this:

1) The anime follows the manga religiously. Its an amazing replica!

2) When it comes to facial expressions in comedic situations the manga WINS (although some are similar).

3) The anime does not need to stick to the facial expressions as it has soundtrack and exaggerated movement for comedy effect, which the manga doesn't. 

4) READ THE MANGA. Its a weekly manga and too much comedic gold to miss out on! 

5) CONTINUE to WATCH the anime, since the manga is considerably ahead, its nice to be reminded every now and then. 

What's wrong with a little more happiness? ;)


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