Sunday, 22 January 2012

Moretsu Pirates ~Arrrr?~

Bodacious Space Pirates 
Marika is a first year high school student living in a far away galaxy known as Uminoakeboshi. One day she finds out that her recently deceased father was once the captain of the space pirate ship called the "Bentenmaru". More importantly, the only one to inherit the captain's title has to be a direct descendant—meaning that Marika is next in line to become the captain of the ship. 

I almost didn't watch it since the comments on the first episode weren't so great and because I'm not too keen on female character dominated anime ~don't mind male domination though ;) ~, especially considering what its called.

Now that I've seen the first three episodes I think it shaping up nicely. The anime takes her 'decision making' nice and slow so the story feels a lot more realistic, rather than the *all of a sudden she was forced to become captain of a pirate ship!* method.

I never feel like I've watched the full 23min by the time it ends, so I do find it rather interesting.

I will be continuing on with this anime. I think its definitely worth checking out, and if turned off by all the girls in it, check out who is sensei / pirate:

If not for him, then for the anime's take on the futuristic world, which I found rather fascinating.

Good enough?  ;)


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