Wednesday, 8 February 2012

BLEACH RETURNS! ~Although it probably shouldn't have~

The title explains it.

After 4 weeks Bleach returns and "charges into it final arc!!" with "an extra large colour cover and 22 pages!!"

Is 22 pages a lot? Because if you don't consider the covers, its actually 19 pages of story.

Its title: 'FINAL ARC: The Thousand Year Blood War"

Sure, when it says FINAL, it hits hard, but at the same time I wouldn't want BLEACH to get as bad as it has been this past few months. My opinion on the Fullbring arc is no was CRAP, and served no purpose.  If it ended there, it'd just be depressing.

Good things must come to an end but a GOOD end.

And that's what I hope this arc would provide.

  1. Be better than ever.
  2. Be definitely longer than the Fullbring arc but not necessarily as long as the Aizen storyline. 
  3. End on a good note. Like not depressing.
  4. Also please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, answer the un-answered! Like the story behind Ichigo's dad, the so-called Zero squad, and the Royal Family, and that Key Aizen never got, etc.
SO, what did we learn from this chapter.


The first 4 pages, in colour, took place in the research squad realm and looked important to the story but I didn't get it. For some reason disappearing Hollow is bad. ¬ ¬

But we do know that a certain party is involved, they were introduced as 'Them, and them alone.' Nice.

The rest was like blah blah blah....I am Ichigo...suspicious shadow appears!
The end.

There was TOO much talking between characters they introduced then killed off. ~One died for sure, not sure about the boy~

It's much too soon to judge the arc but this 'Them' better be the zero squad or I'll screw. 

Happy reading! Let me know what you think/expect?!


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