Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Rumour Has it!

Chapter 166! ~Rumours and Articles~

How petty are some people?? Seriously, like YOU had a chance.

"I've just thrown away all the CDs and DVDs Azukyun was in..."

"I'm gonna sell all of Ashirogi's comics."

Well the article proved to be the scandal it was expected to be.
As much as Hattori-san tries to convince them that its okay, and its within their rights to request a voice actor/actress for their project, I don't think it will go down that well considering how people are boycotting Azuki's work too. This would be the salt on their petty wounds.

I can't see the production people agreeing and so the scandal will continue for a bit. How will they overcome?! All we need now is for this Kitami Ririka to show how manipulative she is and prove she wrote it on purpose.

Still I'm glad they're so beautifully headstrong. 

  Mashiro+Azuki, FIGHT-O!


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