Tuesday, 18 October 2011

You and I and Yokai Battles


I am so in love with this project. After the recent 3rd episode I just went to the manga to satisfy my cravings for more!
Its so mellow and definitely the kind of story where it would NOT have worked out if the characters were boring to watch as the storyline is basically non-existent. =) ~I like Kaname best~

The following description is from mangaupdates:

Shun, Kaname, and the twins Yuuki and Yuuta have been friends since kindergarten. It's a little hard to tell if they actually get along or not - but even as high-school students, they hang out together. Recently, they've had a new addition; a half-Japanese transfer student Chizuru, who has started to liven up the group. This manga is really just about their daily lives, which aren't particularly passionate or exciting. A tranquil and sometimes comedic story of youthful friendship.

Watch it. Read it. It'll make you smile and laugh. ^^


Nurarihyon No Mago ep16 is out!

Basically, Rikou is getting trained by Gyuki and some other old yokai, and is told to surpass not only his father and grandfather but himself too. 

Kubinashi loses himself in anger and goes in a murder rampage.

The Kyoto Yokai are hunting for livers, and the Nijo Castle appeared with the first seal broken.

Two main Kyoto Yokai appear: Ibaraki Doji and Shokera.

Their battle begins with Kubinashi and the Onmyoji Akifusa Keikain.

Nothing unexpected happened, nor did the battles last much in this episode so hopefully the next would be much more exciting. From what I understand as Rikou is off training we will get to see a lot more of his subordinates battles, which I'm looking forward to. 


FANGIRLMeter was high but enjoyed Kimi to Boku more than Nurarihyon this week.

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