Saturday, 15 October 2011

Why did I wait so long?

Watched it and it was AWESOME!! The story keeps getting deeper. As much as I wanted Rikou to go berserk and whoop Tsuchigumo ass, its more believable to lose and train. ~just don't spend too long with it~ 
There was twice in this episode when each Tsurara and Rikou went crazy angry for the other and twice we were disappointed with the lack of real damage. ~screw the finger ~  

Also is there something akin to LOVE with Yuki-onna (Tsurara) cus he didn't flip out when the others where hurt. ~but mentioned them all of course~

I think she was just the catalyst.

Also GYUKIIIIIIIIIIII!! <3 I always remember him from the very start of Nurarihyon, and wondered why the elder of the Nura and allied clans don't aid Rikou. They're not part of his 100 demon parade, but you know, help a grandson out. 

Aaah, an ever satisfying anime. I read the manga every once in a while but I don't want to ruin the anime for myself, so I don't do it too much. 

Do you read the manga? If so do you watch the anime too?
What did you think of the episode and how the story is shaping up?
Will it end by ep24?

Personally I think they'll be done with Hagoromo Gitsune by the end of S2 but they will still have to deal with the so called Nue. 

~Nine more episodes~


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