Friday, 21 October 2011

Yoshino got BACK!

Sekai ichi Hatsukoi ep.3 is out and we move on to the case of  Yoshino Chiaki!

Happy we're checking out this couple for a few episodes.

"Don't you dare draw your own conclusions about my feelings, and then become all emo over it!"

Waah, the way I squealed and laughed! Yoshino got back! ~ surprisingly~ If he let the misunderstanding occur I would have been soooo annoyed.

I'm so glad that Yoshino is nothing like Onodera!! Too much of Ritsu's "YES means NO" would drive me insane. ~as much as I love him~

Perhaps what Onodera's case needs is another man to show interest in him, instead of the awkwardness that is Takano and Yokozawa. ~I only see him as a friend~

Fridays are always great with the greatest first love-story!


FANGIRLMeter was so HIGH!

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