Saturday, 15 October 2011

Waaah...a boring day followed by a FULL one

The first episodes of Guilty Crown and Un-Go were released and I am happy to continue watching both. ^^

They're not great but definitely watch-able. Guilty Crown animation was pretty cool but as always its the 'school boy mystery power and that girl' story which will annoy me eventually. ~but it might be worth watching just for Kai~ 
Un-Go is a detective story with not much mystery...just story. Its no Detective Conan. The characters are more or less what is mysterious. ~the female Inga??~

Either way they both passed the first episode hurdle... I feel like I'm likely to drop one (if not both) by a few weeks unless the substance picks up. 

If you liked it/ hated it/ loved it, let me know and why? 

Also, today I watched:

  • Tamayura Hitotose ep2, which proved to be a light and easy watch of ~I think~ a coming to age story. No romances in the fact no possible boy candidates. 

  • And ever a fun watch: The IDOLM@STER ep15 was up. 

  • And ever so HOT, CUTE, ENDEARING, and also that nagging feeling of 'Get on with it already!!' Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 ep2. 


FANGIRLMeter was highest with Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi.

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