Monday, 14 May 2012

Number 19! ~L-DK~

Back to the norm, at 19, its


Author: Watanabe Ayu
Genres: Shoujo, Drama, Comedy, Romance, School Life

Summary: Shuusei Kugayama, the "Prince" of his high school, has always turned down confessions. Aoi Nishimori begins to harvest hatred for Shuusei after he turns down her best friend, Moe Shibuya. Shuusei then reintroduces himself-as Aoi's new neighbor! One day, after his home becomes soaked, Shuusei moves in with Aoi. After living with him, and getting to know him better, Aoi begins to think that maybe he isn't such a bad guy.

Although it sounds like your familiar plot, it has a lot of twists that will leave you wanting to know more of the characters backgrounds.

Like your cliché shoujo, it has your naive female lead who goes with the flow, and the handsome yet seriously annoying jerk of a male lead. But the art is nice, and it has great comedy moments!

I still read it, it does get better...

Its worth checking out to see of its your cup of tea.

Let me know what you think!


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