Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The BEAST Returns! ~BLEACH Update CH491~

I have been waiting...

Another week off and Bleach returns with TODEN ANGEL.

From last chapter's Update: 
SHOCK! We have heard of Letzt Stil! Way back in SS when Ishida battled Captain Mayuri, he used this 'last resort' which absorbed surrounding reishi at an alarming & powerful rate, and increased his power attack, cutting Mayuri's Bankai in half and still managing to cut through the Captain himself and damaging the area. This INSANE power also causes the loss of spiritual power as the body tries to preserve itself.
DIFFERENCE: Its true name is apparently Quincy Vollständig (Quincy Complete Holy Form) and it has a form. Ishida never transformed.
DIFFERENCE #2: In SS everything is made up of reishi, buildings and all. I can't help but think collecting reishi in HM is going to be a bit different.

Things we learn in this chapter:
  • The Letzt Stil we know of and this Quincy Vollständig is different. The one we know of is apparently "too weak" and is now a "Relic of the Past"as they have evolved in the last 200 years. "Its as different to  Quincy Vollständig as Heaven is to Earth."   
Good to know. I'm not surprised. So far these bastards have taken everything we know to be bad and made it worse, and everyone we thought strong to be weak

Of course Ichigo is great, he soothes our worries with some humour, "I am relieved. If Ishida transformed into something that disgusting...I might end up killing him by mistake."

Mind you battle wise, Kirge is proving to be difficult: dodging Ichigo's attacks, and catching Ichigo by surprise due his quicker Hirenkyaku. 

  • Everything is made of Reishi in HM too, as Kirge absorbs surrounding reishi from the rocks and sand of HM, as well as Inoue's Santenkesshun. 
I didn't realize.

Kirge prepares for a major attack, his Vollständig's 'Justice of God', by absorbing this reishi, and just as he attacks, and we wonder how Ichigo will fare, it is blocked by something. 

What? What? WHO?!

You guys remember the Tres Bestia's pet monster, Ayon, right? Of course you do, he gave us hell back in the Arrnacar arc.

Give him hell AYON


What happened to the SS invasion?  Are we just going to go back to dead bodies? Can you imagine if Kubo did that to us! Like oh yeah, we lost many in battle already...!! No NEVER...

Still, I wonder if Ichigo has to wrap up here first before we get to see whats happening in SS? 

Only one image today of the chapter, there wasn't anything else deserving, except maybe how freaky Kirge looked in the 'Holy Executioners' bit. :P

Let me know what you think!


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