Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Our Captains are...? ~BLEACH UPDATE~

CHAPTER 496 Kill The Shadow

 Are they mentally retarded or something?!?

WTF?!  We already KNEW they stole! Who the hell ever said seal?

The man DIED to tell you that they can Bankai +  they are Quincy +  and somehow yours is useless/won't work.


So why?! For the love of God did you have to hand it over to them; going Bankai like fools. FOOLS!

Why not listen to Renji for once?

Here I thought Byakuya was being such BAMF and was about to kick some ass.

This strongly reminded me of when Ichigo went Bankai back in CH483 and I said:

We go back to Ichigo's battle with Ivan and Ichigo shows us that he's all grown up now and realizes when Ivan is taunting and simply provoking him. However, when Ivan taunts Ichigo to bring out his Bankai, Ichigo decides 'to play his game', and does in fact go BANKAI. 

WHY I ask you?  WHY?!

This excites Ivan extremely, and plans to destroy Ichigo's Bankai once and for all, with something or the other and an odd incantation of Melting and throwing a cup to the ground after joy. ~Seriously made me lol~
Shame for him, Ichigo is stronger than that. 

If you are not the odd-one-out Ichigo is, then don't do it! At least Ichigo was ignorant at that point; you were not! A man died to tell you! Sasakibe died!

....the stealing of the Bankai is basically all that happened in this chapter. Great story. Apparently we needed  more of a handicap. : /

How are you feeling about this war??

I think we're entirely screwed.


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